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Critter Clubhouse™ FunFobz™

Hang from backpack, Explorer belt, or use as a zipper pull. Sleek construction features non-slip rubber grips, fun colors, built-in warning/signal whistle, and a locket face to hold special pictures or objects under a hinged clear cover. Durable construction includes clip and lanyard to go where you go.
Ages 4 and up

Several varieties available include:

• Dragonfly Eye – A fascinating multifaceted lens! A fun activity… just imagine how a Dragonfly sees you! View images up close or at a distance.

• Compass – High quality, accurate compass in the FunFobz™ case. Use to find direction and learn to navigate. A necessary tool to explore and use maps.

• Secret Treasures ( not shown) – This great FunFobz™ is paired with a secret compartment. Space to hold coins or a secret treasure. Also includes an optical grade, laser-cut signal mirror.